The world’s first foldable loaf pan

Introducing the

Available for the first time in the United States: The Coox Wunderform Foldable Loaf Pan.

Professional bakers in Europe have used it for years as their secret tool for effortlessly baking healthy pies, breads, cakes and casseroles.

The Wunderform pan’s high grade silicone provides a non-stick surface — without chemicals and without the need to add fat and calories by pre-buttering the pan.

The Wunderform goes from freezer to oven, allowing you to prep in advance. Then, after your culinary concoction comes out of the oven there’s no need to turn the Wunderform upside down to remove your cake or bread from the pan. The patented detachable corners allows the pan to fold flat!

Easily remove what you’ve baked. Then wash the pan while unfolded — it’s dishwasher safe and there will be no corners you’ll need to scrape food out of — and store while taking up minimal space.

Not your grandmother’s tin baking pan

Flexible Silicone

Promotes even cooking

Stores Flat

Takes up minimal storage space

Save Time

Goes from freezer, to oven, to dishwasher


No need to pre-butter the pan

See it in action

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Wunderform Loaf Pan